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Exciting New & Emerging Technology

New Technology Expo is the first trade show that also welcomes consumers. All types of technology are included with the purpose of educating dealers and consumers about the features of new technology products.

See all types of new and exciting technology products such as:

Solar Energy
Cloud Computing
Digital Cameras
Security Systems

Home Electronic Controls
Home Theaters
Smart phones
Sound Systems
Smart TVs
Electronic Components
Wireless Systems

3D Printers
Green Energy
Radio Controlled Equipment
Holographic Projection

Video Games
High Tech Tools
Test Equipment
High Tech Toys
And Much More

NTE is the best of all technology shows. It draws consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers, re-sellers and inventors under the same roof for a fabulous opportunity to learn, market, and grow!

There is no other show that puts thousands of consumers directly in front of manufacturers. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to get swift and timely feedback about what is liked and/or disliked about the products.  When consumers are looking, they buy. The manufacturers can strengthen relationships with their network of product providers at the show by forwarding consumers to their booths.

Wholesalers and resellers can make valuable connections with manufacturers for a new and/or ongoing business.  They can take direct orders from consumers, and if they have the products at the show, sell direct to the consumers.

For inventors and start-ups, this is an ideal way to test interest in new products before making large marketing investments.  Consumers are anxious to see the latest and greatest products, so the opportunities to all are fantastic!

New Technology Expo is the first and only consumer show that includes all types of technology with the purpose of educating the end user about the features of new products.

The founder and CEO, Robert Kushner, has produced over 400 trade shows since 1983.

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